PG 2018 China Panda Bullion Gold Coin 8g

PG 2018 China Panda Bullion Gold Coin 8g

Product Code: 2018 China Panda Bullion Gold Coin 8g
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The Chinese Gold Panda is a series of gold bullion coins issued by the People's Republic of China. The Official Mint of the People's Republic of China introduced the panda gold bullion coins in 1982. The panda design changes every year and the Gold Panda coins come in different sizes and denominations, ranging from 1/20 troy oz. to 1 troy oz.

Obverse: Depiction of the Temple of Heaven in the center with Chinese characters on top saying "Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo" meaning People's Republic of China and the bottom the year of issue. If the issue is a commemorative issue, the theme will be marked here also.

Reverse: Different portraits of panda that changes every year.

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